Monday, January 17, 2011

Link Party!

My first ever, and boy is it a doozy! The beautiful and talented Emily over at Decor Chick! came up with this great idea for a party. Sure, staged home photos look better than messy ones. That is part of what keeps us all going, I think. The desire to continually re-do things. That is what my blog, and plenty of others are all about. Trying to achieve a functional and calming space, but sometimes it's much more calming to just say "screw it" and let it the mess go a little longer. I will warn you, and protect myself a bit, by saying I'm in the middle of re-doing my two rooms so it is a tiny bit messier than normal. Now, did anyone else participating have the urge to clean up before snapping away?

Without further adieu, here's my mess!

 This is my bedroom- a million spackled nail holes in all it's glory! I'll spare the decorative plans, this party is about the mess! An overflowing hamper on the left, pile of clean clothes on the right, coat and sweater draped over the side of a chair = the party has officially started!

 My tiny closet, this is actually pretty neat right now. Mainly because this is where my "nice" clothes live. The fact that I have clean laundry from days past still not put away helps a lot too!

 Ah, the pile. Cardboard that is used when painting, a headboard that I haven't brought into storage yet, a lamp I haven't assembled yet- having fun? I am!

 This is typically how my bed looks every morning when I leave for work. I have to put the dog pillows this way so the little one doesn't burrow, a la Burger but much much messier. I have come home to find the entire flat sheet, comforter and blanket on the floor aside from one resilient little corner. How do I combat this aside from pillows? Throwing a cheap king sized comforter over a full sized bed. By the way, that pink pile on the corner? That's him under there!

That's all clean clothes piles on the chair, aside from my disgustingly dingy cardigan I wear for work. Anyone know how to get the end of the sleeves looking close to the rest of the shirt?! Oh and that's my pillow (the one I haven't allowed the dogs to steal based on doctor's orders!) piled on top. You can't even see my desk here, oh dear.

 This is the closet in the computer room, which stores everything from my excess to tools and cleaners. The monstrous deep cleaner lives in here too. When company comes over, the other vacuum lives here too but for the most part that roams the bedroom.

 Yikes! The mess of clean clothes from the bedroom is even captured in here! Bins full of stuff I don't know where to put, Christmas gifts still not used and literal garbage. I swear, the discolorations in the rug are not from my pups! The rug was gifted and the lovely brown carpet underneath hasn't been replaced in at least 30 years.

 Normally, this is the cleanest spot in the house. No exception today, yay!

So that's it, the mess of my two rooms. After a busy day I can't wait to go look at everyone elses!


  1. I have the same problem with my one dog. She is a great dane though. So, she is a big problem. I recently found out that she has taken to sleeping with my oldest. Good luck! I did do some cleaning after posting my mess pics.

  2. I have a 40lb mix and the 13lb Italian Greyhound. The little one is the main culprit. My mix tends to dig only when I'm sleeping! I love Great Danes, I'll have to check out your photos after I get home from work!


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