Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wire Clutter!

Since I removed the misused armoir from my bedroom and from the apartment altogether, my goal was to move my tv stand to the center of the wall. (You can see how off center it truly is here.) When pondering procrastinating this project, I came up with two issues. Funny how that happens right? As one might expect, both issues are cord related. This is currently what I've got going on underneath the tv stand.

 What a mess! When I sit or lay down to watch tv, more often than not this is what I focus on. Since my tv stand is on legs (to create a more open and airy feel I read) it's always visible.

 That's not just dust! It's also remnants of my indoor spray painting endeavors and those little rocks aren't cat litter but an eco-friendly carpet cleaner which I'm still finding pieces of several months later. Either way it's a big reminder I need to move my tv stand and clean under it more often. Much easier said than done!

I love the service I get from Verizon, really. I just wish this didn't stick out so much now. The aforementioned behemoth armoir camouflaged this box quite well from most angles. Unfortunately there is no way to move this so I'm at a loss for what I can do now that this corner will be open. This sits 41" high and needs to be easily accessible in case anything goes wrong. Any suggestions on what I can put here to camouflage it and not draw attention to it?

A folding room divider popped into my head, but I'd have to have a pair. One for each side of the tv stand, got to have that symmetry! My fancy (re: overflowing) laundry hamper is stuck on the other side of the tv stand. I do have access to one (two or three doors wide) divider, but I feel one might just draw all the attention to that and be out of place since the tv stand is quite low (22.5" top to bottom though 5.5" are all legs). I can't exactly run out and buy two new room dividers now either, remember I mentioned that in my Sunday Searching?

To keep it short, I BOUGHT A CAR! A used car, but nonetheless, a car is a car. A major purchase. It seriously drained my savings, which now must be refilled so I can focus on a future place of my own.

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