Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, About That To-Do List?

Here it is, my meek and tiny little list. The list on paper cannot keep up with the list in my head!

So far I have:
  • paint all black picture frames white
  • paint the mirror frame white (more on that later)
  • remove the rack from a beaded curtain (I was 16!)
  • sand, patch & paint marks from three improperly installed floating shelves
  • remove hinges from folding doors in doorway leading from the bedroom to the computer room
  • patch, sand & paint holes from hinges
  • fill, sand & paint crack in corner of doorway
  • paint inside doorway to match bedroom
  • sand & paint patches on wall from old nails
  • re-cover bulletin board
  • find a home for two new-old shelves
  • figure out a headboard
  • paint desk!
  • make desk a focal point, add something overhead- art? collage?
  • paint mdf/particle board dresser, armoir and possibly the tv stand to match
  • remove decorative sunburst bulbs from curtain rods
  • paint existing decorative curtain rods
    • brushed nickel for bedroom
    • black for computer room
No, they're not huge projects by any means...aside from painting the furniture. Yikes.

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