Sunday, January 30, 2011

The New Old Shelf

Way back (all 17 days and six posts ago) I mentioned a little to-do list of mine. Two of the projects were figuring out a headboard and finding a new home for some old shelves. After doing some internet inspiration searching I came up with some great ideas. My favorite was this gem from Sketch of a Season via Lovely Undergrad.

This is a perfect solution to a small space, even without a headboard. I took this idea and ran with it, making a few alterations. If you don't remember my space situation, here is a quick reminder from a link party I participated in showcasing our real messes.

The wall my bed is on just fits the width of the bed, ok so it's maybe an inch short. That little plant stand isn't working out too well since it is constantly getting knocked over my the dog or myself in the middle of the night and can't fit much more than that teacup and saucer!

With an idea fresh in my mind, I gathered all my tools I'd need. Yes, that includes the remote (great Criminal Minds marathon on)! As evidenced in the above photo, you can clearly see that I set out to hang two shelves. Leave it to me to completely destroy two of the four wall anchors I had. Why did I only have four? Well my father (convinced he knew better than any expert) always said they didn't do anything. The four anchors I had were from these two shelves when he originally hung them without said anchors.

I figured, I'm a big girl now and I can hang a floating shelf...properly. I think I did it correctly! Pre-drill holes in wall, push anchor in and eventually hammer it in tightly, put the screws in and hang the shelf. Well, its up and level!

This is a closeup of the shelf, which I covered in a wood-printed contact paper. I am pretty proud of how the shelves turned out, though I'm not sure if I should have made the grain horizontal.
So here is the final result for the night. Although my original idea featured both shelves alongside each other, now I have so many more ideas! Possibly the second shelf hung above the current shelf and a vertical wooden art piece on the open right side?
 This is just a motivational photo for me, to get my tush into gear with sanding and painting all my old nail holes.


  1. Hey Tara! Thanks for finding me (from a blog hop maybe?) anyhoo, no, seriously our house does not smell nice and cinnamon-y from the red hots. It might have something to do with our new puppy!

    From your profile pic, I sense you love dogs??? ;)

    Let me know what you think of our puppy's blog:

    Our dog's blog-Making Of A Mastiff

    It's puppy therapy for me! :)

    Take care!

  2. Suzanne,

    Thanks for stopping by! Also thanks for sharing your link, what a beautiful dog you have!


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