Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Searching: Goodwill Store

After searching other blogs, scrapbooking sites and good ol' Google I came up with plenty of ideas for storage for my crafts. The problem is they all cost more than I can afford to spend. So I visited a few places (Goodwill, Pier 1 and Christmas Tree Shoppe) for some other ideas.

The nearby Goodwill store had a few bargains which I normally would've scooped up, but they weren't what I was looking for and didn't entirely fit my space. Oh, and I also felt guilty about spending since I promised myself I wouldn't (more on that later in the week).

 Truth is, I have been looking for a comfy throw. I have an old (and slightly ratty) one which my IG has claimed as his own, but I was looking for my own. What I liked about this is the dark brown color. I felt it would help make my dark entertainment center (Target's Manhattan TV stand) feel a bit more on purpose instead of something that was purchased on a whim, which it was. Considering I'm re-painting my dresser white and my desk a gorgeous pale green/yellow I am worried things will look disjointed. This throw was only $9.99, hello steal! I'm pretty sure this would be about $30 at Target.

 This was a simple long piece of gorgeous wood which instantly screamed HEADBOARD MATERIAL! I began dreaming of sanding, staining and hanging. Yet again, this was $9.99. However, I have so many ideas swirling through my head about a possible headboard I can't commit to anything yet.

 Another piece that would be gorgeous as part of a headboard, sitting along the top of a painted piece of wood would look sweet, no? I loved the carved bits and how they echoed the floral motif that seems to be making its way into my bedroom and subconscious. The best part? $6.99!

Then there was this, the lamp that stopped me in my tracks. A gorgeous yellow, I thought this would be the perfect pop against my grey walls. For $7.99 how could one go wrong? There were no chips, scrapes or nicks to be seen. It was just too big for my space and furniture. Oh, and I really have no need for another lamp.

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