Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bringin' Me Down

While things in the bedroom are coming along, my attention has been diverted. My "office", which you haven't seen much of here, is oddly dreary. The walls are yellow. YELLOW! How can something be dreary while being surrounded by yellow? The room has one window, and calling it a window is a huge compliment to it. Here is the overview, Skye is very pleased to show the room off...unlike me!

This is how the window is most of the time...

This is why.

The "window" has been broken for at least six years. The bottom isn't broken, its only taped that way to prevent further damage from a hurricane we were supposed to be visited by a few summers ago. Yikes. I'm embarrassed.

How gorgeous would this combination be- wood toned blinds and bright green curtains?
Bali 2" Vinyl Blinds: Target

Twisted Sheer: PBTeen  
Sailcloth Window Panel Pair: Target

I have a very tight budget of $20-$30 so those curtains from Pottery Barn are not going to happen. Target has a similar treatment, though cheaper and it comes in a set. I'd like to get the red out, since I feel it is a large part of bringing the energy of the room down. 

A pale yellow and a green should brighten things up, no? Although its not white, I think the wood tone blinds would work with the dark brown tones of the furniture. Any opinions?

One more thing that is bugging me is the storage shelving unit. I'm not getting rid of anything or buying anything new so I will make it work. It just seems out of place, what do you think?

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  1. I definitely agree that you need to switch out those curtains, and the whole room will look better. Are you able to paint the walls? I think if you lightened up the whole space with white, you could use pops of color like the greens and greys. I agree that the narrow bookcase looks a bit out of place, but again I think neutralizing it will fix the problem. If you paint it white to match the trim, it will blend better with the wall and may even look built in. I'm hugely obsessed with white for decorating, so don't mind my biased opinions on white. :) Happy decorating!


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