Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a Wrap!

After posting here and around blog-land, I think I've come to a solution thanks to Sarah over at Frills for Thrills (via YHL's facebook)! Her suggestion was something she did in her very own guest bedroom.
Stunning, right?! Well, I really wanted to do something like this with what I already had, but after searching my two rooms I had nothing close. So, with a budget from my recent birthday money (and a few things to return) I headed over to Target. Where I found these 18x24" beauties on clearance for less than $5 each!
I snatched two of them, along with some gorgeous gift wrap for $3.49 and made my way home (after some more browsing and great clearance deals. Of course, as soon as I came home I quickly found 'something' I could've used without buying the Target frames. Hindsight is 20/20 they say.

I still was able to convince myself the frames were worth keeping, it wasn't very hard! Immediately one idea set off a chain reaction. The frame that was in the computer room (now the headboard frame) left an empty wall. Which will be filled up with the 14x14" frames I have above my tv stand currently. Those two frames, once moved, will have created an empty space above the tv. That's where the 18x24" frames come into play.

Enough stream of conscious rambling, here's the first stage of the final product!

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