Thursday, February 10, 2011


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It seems that I picked a bad time to start re-doing things. My landlord came for an unannounced visit today to check for water leaks (which we have none of) and began to wander around. He wasn't happy with the sight in my bedroom.

There really isn't that much there, it just looks like a hurricane came through. Almost empty storage bins, painting tarp, bed pillows, a headboard, a dresser mirror and a few miscellaneous things. Who knows when he'll be back, but I know he will. So far I've gotten the headboard and mirror into the cellar. My back isn't pleased with that. I couldn't put the bins under my bed since my bed off its risers for the better part of two days, so now everything is just piled up. I swear, I don't need to be on hoarders though Clean House is more than welcome to come and re-do my apartment!
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I'll say this though...I clean wrong. Clean wrong? Yeah, I know. But I do. See that blue binder on the end table in the left corner? Instead of just putting it away, I'd sit down and go through the binder to take out old papers. Magazines? Instead of putting those away, I'd sit down and go through them to pull out anything I want to keep. See a trend here? I need a routine. A routine that I can stick to. Perhaps some fun cleaning things would help motivate me? Well, that's spending unnecessary money since I have cleaning products that work just fine.

Pier1Imports - $6.95 each
So what about you? Do you think fun and bright accessories make cleaning any more enjoyable? Did you set up a routine to get yourself into gear?

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