Monday, February 7, 2011

Hanging in There...Just Barely!

Ever happen to run smack into a great deal, and although it might not be perfect as is, you just can't pass it up? That happened to me when I found the most amazing shower curtain, five of them actually, on sale for only $7 a piece. The colors and patterns were perfect for me to use as the curtains dividing my bedroom from the computer room and main hallway.
The first problem is the pre-made holes were too small for the curtain rods I had and as a result, wouldn't close. The second issues is that they are standard shower curtain height of 72", while my doorway is a good 12" longer.

The first solution was a no brainer, thanks to the likes of John & Sherry over at YHL. Curtain clips! Prior to my discovery of YHL, I shockingly, have never heard of them! I found four packs of ten clips for $2.99 each at the Christmas Tree Shop. To save myself some time I folded the curtain in half, width wise, and put the clips on each side. I spaced the clips out every 7" or so.

The second solution will be a bit more work, since I will be using YHL's no-sew hem tape curtain tutorial. Last year, in an effort to de-clutter, I got rid of 90% of my sewing stuff. Luckily, a shiny gray fabric was not discarded. It's a pretty close match to the dark grays in the curtains, the wall color and my bedspread.
The bedspread
The fabric
The curtain
All fabrics together

Hopefully soon I will have some finished curtains. I am worried that adding almost a foot of solid gray material to the bottoms will make it look more like shower curtains than custom bedroom curtains. Thoughts?


  1. I am loving these shower curtains! Where did you find them? I have a grey bedroom and am using yellow as my accent color. Those would make great throw pillows, too! Nice find.

  2. They were at HomeGoods. I have a list a zillion miles long of things this material would be great for!

  3. I have been looking for these shower curtains but I don't have a HomeGoods where I am. If you don't need your extra ones, I would LOVE to buy one or two from you. :)


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