Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Perfect Little Table?

I recently took a trip in search of curtain clips and came across an adorable little corner table, which I thought would be perfect in aiding the "cover the Verizon box" mission. It was $14.99 and the only model left, so after some waiting I found out that I could buy the floor model for 20% off. Sweet! $14.99 isn't bad, but $12 is even better. Fresh out of the trunk, here it is!

On it's own it doesn't do much, but it is the perfect height for a plant or a large photo! Notice the three shelves? Bonus storage! Of course it won't be staying this cherry brown color. A fun yellow paint job is already in the works, mother nature help me out?
I'm super excited about this little table, I just love the lines of it. Have you found any great deals recently?

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